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Beauty of the Beast: Hank McCoy

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This is a community where you can discuss all things Beast related. If you love Hank McCoy then we would like to hear from you.

You can post anything here from Beast (or X-men) related gossip to comic scans, from icons to fanfiction.

Ultimatley we plan for this to be the livejournal base for the Beast site we are currently developing. Hopefully it should be up pretty soon, provided i actually get on with putting together the material.

If you have any information, fanfiction or images you would like to contribute to the site please email one of us mods.

We are: Made_in_ink --Me and Regina_random You can find our emails in our user info.

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The Perfect Present (X-Men; Bank; R) [Sunday
December 25th, 2011(12:25am)]

Title: "The Perfect Present"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: R due to sexual content
Summary: What do you get for the blue, heroic hunk who has everything?Collapse )

Mark of the Beast (X-Men; Bank; R) [Friday
December 9th, 2011(1:41am)]

Title: "Mark of the Beast"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: R due to sexual content
Summary: Hank leaves his mark.Collapse )

New Comm? [Thursday
December 1st, 2011(10:29pm)]

I come offering the notion of a new kind of land comm geared only for a certain fandom, or a certain type of fandom. A land comm is basically a community where members are divided into teams and take part in fulfilling certain challenges, usually varied amongst fan fic, art, captions, and games, to see who can reach a certain score point first, but though the members are divided and all are trying to bring their team to reach the goal first, they remained united in their love of the fandom. For the type of land comm I'm suggesting, members would still be divided into teams and would still be trying to see who could score the big number first, but the challenges would all be fic based. Read on if interested.Collapse )

What An Iceman Needs (X-Men; Bobby/Hank; G) [Thursday
November 24th, 2011(4:46pm)]

Title: "What An Iceman Needs"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: G
Summary: What an Iceman needs, what an Iceman really, really needs . . .Collapse )

New Stories/Site [Friday
August 26th, 2011(11:26pm)]

Ahoy, all!

I've been quite a bit behind in posting and have, over the years, had many a fan ask for a place besides FFN where they could read all my beloved Jack's and my work in a particular fandom or for a particular pairing. I was going to post the individual stories I just finished publishing to FFN to the lists and comms but stopped when I realized we'd be talking over 40 E-mails/comments per place. Looking at that overwhelming quantity, I figured this little notice would be easier for both mailboxes and friends pages.

My love and I now have a website open to every one where all our fic, fan and original, can be read. It's sorted by pairing and fandom and can be found at http://orlidepp.byethost7.com/index.html. Information on the particular fandoms and pairings of the new stories can be found at http://orlidepp.byethost7.com/New.html, so you can check and make sure there'll be something you're surely interested in reading before shifting through the various fandoms.

I will also be weeding out some of the dead comms/lists in an effort not to make posting our new works so time- and effort- consuming, so if you really enjoy our works, you may want to bookmark the site and check back with us on occasion.

Happy reading, and please don't forget to feed the authors!

Pirates Turner & Sparrow

Welcome, Spring (X-Men; Charles/Magnus, Beast/Bobby, Others; PG) [Saturday
July 16th, 2011(6:28pm)]

Title: "Welcome, Spring"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: PG
Charles gazed again at the budding flowers, green leaves and grass, fluttering bumblebees, singing birds, and, most of all, at his joyful students and gave a happy, contented sigh. "Welcome, Spring," he spoke. "Indeed," Erik replied. "We have all suffered through the cold Winter and are more than ready to embrace Spring with full and open arms."Collapse )

New Comms Seeking Members & Affiliates [Thursday
April 21st, 2011(2:11pm)]

She stands atop Mount Olympus, Blessing us all with Her love and connecting soul mates across all the realms of all the worlds, but always there are those couplings to whom we become especially attached.  Whether those pairings are het, slash, femme slash, multi, or animal/animal, there's a place for them all at Aphrodite's Blessings as we come together to celebrate the loving couples we love with four challenges a month, four starring couples a month, fan creations spawned by those challenges, and games for all the starring couples.  We're brand new but hope to be big as we celebrate the greatest power of them all, True Love!

Then there's XDisneyDreamers, hosting a weekly challenge and welcoming everything Disney, DreamWorks, and/or X-Men.

Both comms are actively seeking new members with wide, open arms to all tastes and also searching for affiliates.  If interested, please come by and check us out or drop me a line.  Thank you!

Looking for a certain fic... [Tuesday
March 8th, 2011(11:52pm)]

Hello all! This is going to sound a little strange, but a long time ago I read a fic with Jubilee and Hank together, it was just a few shades shy of a PWP but it was amazing and it was a two parter on a site that wasn't Livejournal or fanfiction.net.

Has anyone else read this? I would much appreciate anyone helping me find it, I really want to read it and bookmark it again (i switched compies and lost my bookmarks).

Thank you so much!
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X-Men, Disney, & DreamWorks [Thursday
February 24th, 2011(10:08pm)]

    I've just made a new community for fans, and especially fan fic authors, of Disney, X-Men, and DreamWorks.  We'll be having weekly challenges, and I hope to help inspire some new stories for this wonderful fandoms.  Check us out here: XDisneyDreamers!

Heart Music (X-Men; Bobby/Hank; PG-13) [Saturday
February 19th, 2011(12:04am)]

Title: "Heart Music"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: PG-13 for hints of sexual activity
Hank's purrs are the music of Bobby's heart.Collapse )

The Tales of Los Almas (Multi X-Over, including Bobby/Hank, Victor/Logan, and Dozens More; NC-17) [Sunday
February 6th, 2011(12:29am)]

Title: "The Tales of Los Almas"
Author: Pirates Sparrow and Turner
Rating: NC-17
Click here for full summary, characters, pairings, warnings, and fandom information for this Western crossover series filled with slash and het love.Collapse )

In the last chapter: 

        Prue ran nimbly down the path from which they had just come, hoping to find the others soon. As she ran, her mind kept repeating the blue Beast's name: Hank. It seemed to fit him. She had already suspected that he was the same Hank she had heard about all her life, and now she knew that her suspicions were indeed right. Her Mother had spoken of Hank often, and Prue wondered how it could be that Hank loved the man he was with and also her Mother. She worried about getting help for the injured as she could see that Hank could not help himself so, therefore, could not help others.

She knew her people would have come to help if they had been able, but she knew of no one else save the doctor who had gone missing. Up ahead she spied the missing members who seemed to be searching for something ...........Collapse )

The whole series can be found here, once sorted by title.  All Los Almas story titles begin with The Tales of Los Almas.

Winter Delight (X-Men; Hank/Bobby; PG) [Saturday
December 18th, 2010(11:49am)]

Title: "Winter Delight"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: PG
It was far past midnight when Hank finally drug himself wearily into his bedroom only to be greeted by a wonderous Wintery surprise for all of his elevated senses.Collapse )

Bobby's Prince Charming (X-Men; Bobby/Hank; PG) [Tuesday
December 14th, 2010(11:39pm)]

Title: "Bobby's Prince Charming"
Author: Pirate Turner
For: As always, this story is dedicated to my own beloved Prince Charming, my Jack, and our beloved babies. Further more, it is written in honor of a little girl we know and love, and shall indeed miss, our very own Sarah, and it is also in acknowledgement to our dear Bank fanatic, Chi, who requested a sequel to my "For Love" some time ago. We hope you enjoy, Chi. Bank on Bobby and Hank! :-)
Rating: PG
Bobby comforts a little girl and reveals the story of his very own Prince Charming.Collapse )

Warm At Last (X-Men; Iceman/Beast; PG) [Friday
October 8th, 2010(1:52am)]

Title: "Warm At Last"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: PG
Bobby finally feels warm again.Collapse )

Seeking Beast Reading Fic [Friday
August 27th, 2010(1:55am)]

    Hello, all!

    I stumbled upon this comm while googling in search of a specific picture I remember of Hank hanging upside down and reading.  Does any one happen to have this picture and be willing to share it, or know where I can get it?  I really want to include this shot on the main page I'm making for a new fan fiction land comm.

    I'd also like to find a picture of Jubilee writing that I recall and/or a shot of Wolvy looking p.o.ed, claws out, with some kind of reading material around him.

    Any help would be much appreciated!
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Looking for a Fic [Wednesday
December 16th, 2009(1:07am)]
I am desperately searching for a fanfiction of Beast. It is called, I believe, 'The Lion & The Huntress'. Henry meets a mutant, Zora I think, and she is looking after her niece. He is in his feline mutative form. Zora used to be a member of Shield, I think. If anywone knows where I can find this fic to read I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thank you.
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Fic recs [Sunday
October 18th, 2009(4:10pm)]

Hello there,

Does anybody know where I could find some fics concerning Beast and Abigail Brand? As far as I could see I only found 2 on livejournal and I would be interested in reading more.
Thanks so much!
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As you're probably aware by now, Disney has bought out Marvel [Wednesday
September 2nd, 2009(3:54pm)]

Our boy is featured in the latest "Penny Arcade":


February 8th, 2009(3:22pm)]

[ mood | hungry ]

I looked through the posts and couldn't find that these have been posted before.  If anyone is interested I have the Beauty and the Beast comics and Beast v1 #1-3 available for download.  These will only be available for a week, unless they are popular, then I'll leave them up.  They are .cbr files so you have to have CDisplay to view them.  Click here to download it.  It is a free program and doesn't take up much space.  That link is where I downloaded mine from and have been using it for over a year without any problems.  The only thing I ask is for you to comment and let me know you are downloading them.  You don't have to tell me which ones, just that you are downloading them. On to the comics....

Download Links . . .Collapse )

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Interesting... [Sunday
February 8th, 2009(12:35am)]

[ mood | hopeful ]

(Swiped from scans_daily)

Back to the Future with "X-Men Forever"

It was announced Friday at New York Comic Con by Marvel Comics that legendary writer Chris Claremont is returning to the X-Men as though he never left. Picking up where “X-Men” Volume 2, #3 left off in 1991, he and fan favorite artist Tom Grummett (“Thunderbolts”) are launching “X-Men Forever” in June.

Can you run down the lineup for us, please?

Charles Xavier, Nicholas Fury, Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Hank McCoy, Kurt Wagner, Kitty Pryde, Anna Raven, Remy LeBeau and two characters who must, for the present, remain surprises.

And someone linked to this list of X-men Vol. 2 sumaries to get an idea of where this will pick up from.

What does everyone think? I'm not a devout follower of current continuity - I tend to wait for the trades rather than picking up current issues every month. But I've been less than pleased with the depressed turn our historically bouncy Beast has taken lately. It might be fun to see where he goes without the burdens of the Legacy virus, his secondary muatation, M-Day and its consequences, Trish Tilby...

What do you all think?

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