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I looked through the posts and couldn't find that these have been posted before.  If anyone is interested I have the Beauty and the Beast comics and Beast v1 #1-3 available for download.  These will only be available for a week, unless they are popular, then I'll leave them up.  They are .cbr files so you have to have CDisplay to view them.  Click here to download it.  It is a free program and doesn't take up much space.  That link is where I downloaded mine from and have been using it for over a year without any problems.  The only thing I ask is for you to comment and let me know you are downloading them.  You don't have to tell me which ones, just that you are downloading them. On to the comics....

Beauty and the Beast 1 - 4.07MB
Beauty and the Beast 2 - 4.17MB
Beauty and the Beast 3 - 4.26MB
Beauty and the Beast 4 - 3.94MB

Beast v1 #001 - 7.94MB
Beast v1 #002 - 5.14MB
Beast v1 #003 - 8.44MB

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