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What An Iceman Needs (X-Men; Bobby/Hank; G)

Title: "What An Iceman Needs"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: G
Warnings: Slash, Established Pairing, Drabble
Word Count: 500
Date Written: 12 September, 2011
Challenge: For the SlashTheDrabble LJ comm's weekly challenge
Disclaimer: Robert "Bobby" "Iceman" Drake, Dr. Henry "Hank" "Beast" McCoy, all other characters mentioned within, and the X-Men are © & TM Marvel comics and Disney, neither of which are the author, and are used without permission. Everything else is © & TM the author. The author makes absolutely no profit off of this work of fan fiction, and no copyright infringement is intended.

It wasn't a disaster of monumental or even small proportions, though every one around him acted like it was. He'd been sick before, and it wasn't as unheard of as his younger team mates thought for the Iceman to have a cold. He knew he was getting sick the morning Jean put orange juice by his breakfast plate, and he'd staunchly ignored it until his coughings and shiverings had gotten too much for even him to bare and had landed him in his bed.

The others knew he was sick and showed their compassion in different ways. Jean brought him hot cocoa filled with marshmallows just the way he liked it while Ororo carried him blankets and juices. He hated juice, and Jean was quick to carry it away with her every time she brought him fresh chocolate. Jubilee had loaned him her pink, bunny slippers and the tapes of her favorite cartoons. Even Scott showed he cared, or at least showed it as well as he could, by not calling Bobby in for training sessions, and Charles had come by his room and attempted some rather weak jokes.

Bobby had smiled despite his dear Professor's lame humor, as eager to please him as always, but the moment Charles and his other friends turned away, his smile had again turned upside down. They were offering him all the comforts they could, and yet none of it was what he really wanted. He slept fitfully, coming in and out as Jubilee's cartoons rattled on on his television set. Drinks came and went, Ororo's juices constantly being replaced by Jean's homemade cocoa, and some one kept changing his blankets as well.

Still Bobby continued to shiver and ache, yearning for only one thing, until at last he came. Hank didn't say a word as his love's eyes cracked open and he gazed blearily at him. Instead he simply smiled sweetly at him and stripped out of the latest suit he'd worn during his week away at court. Leaving only his shorts on, Hank rolled underneath the blankets with Bobby and gathered his weakened love into his arms.

Bobby murmured as Hank's soft, blue fur touched his cheek. He rubbed his face against him and snuggled deeper into his thick, welcoming fur. Though he was still fast asleep, his heart rejoiced for this was what he'd been waiting for all along. His lips brushed Hank's bicep, and his dreams shifted to better things as he used his soul mate's soft fur for his pillow.

Hank stroked Bobby's damp, brown hair and held to him as he slumbered, his fever lightening almost immediately. Bobby's love was back where he belonged; now, wrapped in his warm fur and steadfast love, the Iceman warmed again and would get well soon.

Hank smiled down at his sweetheart's sleeping face. "Hurry back to health, beloved." He kissed him softly; then he, too, shut his eyes and drifted to sweet slumber for the first time in the hectic week.

The End

Tags: beast fic, fanfic, iceman
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