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(Swiped from scans_daily)

Back to the Future with "X-Men Forever"

It was announced Friday at New York Comic Con by Marvel Comics that legendary writer Chris Claremont is returning to the X-Men as though he never left. Picking up where “X-Men” Volume 2, #3 left off in 1991, he and fan favorite artist Tom Grummett (“Thunderbolts”) are launching “X-Men Forever” in June.

Can you run down the lineup for us, please?

Charles Xavier, Nicholas Fury, Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Hank McCoy, Kurt Wagner, Kitty Pryde, Anna Raven, Remy LeBeau and two characters who must, for the present, remain surprises.

And someone linked to this list of X-men Vol. 2 sumaries to get an idea of where this will pick up from.

What does everyone think? I'm not a devout follower of current continuity - I tend to wait for the trades rather than picking up current issues every month. But I've been less than pleased with the depressed turn our historically bouncy Beast has taken lately. It might be fun to see where he goes without the burdens of the Legacy virus, his secondary muatation, M-Day and its consequences, Trish Tilby...

What do you all think?
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