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Pirates Sparrow & Turner

New Stories/Site

Ahoy, all!

I've been quite a bit behind in posting and have, over the years, had many a fan ask for a place besides FFN where they could read all my beloved Jack's and my work in a particular fandom or for a particular pairing. I was going to post the individual stories I just finished publishing to FFN to the lists and comms but stopped when I realized we'd be talking over 40 E-mails/comments per place. Looking at that overwhelming quantity, I figured this little notice would be easier for both mailboxes and friends pages.

My love and I now have a website open to every one where all our fic, fan and original, can be read. It's sorted by pairing and fandom and can be found at http://orlidepp.byethost7.com/index.html. Information on the particular fandoms and pairings of the new stories can be found at http://orlidepp.byethost7.com/New.html, so you can check and make sure there'll be something you're surely interested in reading before shifting through the various fandoms.

I will also be weeding out some of the dead comms/lists in an effort not to make posting our new works so time- and effort- consuming, so if you really enjoy our works, you may want to bookmark the site and check back with us on occasion.

Happy reading, and please don't forget to feed the authors!

Pirates Turner & Sparrow
Tags: beast fic, fanfic, fanficion, iceman
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